The Soul Forge Special Editions Kickstarter: Dark Urban Fantasy Filled with Hope

The Soul Forge Special Editions Kickstarter: Dark Urban Fantasy Filled with Hope

October is my favorite month! Autumn is in the air. Halloween is on the way. And pumpkin spice is everywhere. (Four words: Trader Joe's Pumpkin Butter.)

To celebrate the 6th anniversary of the Soul Forge series, I'm running a Kickstarter to crowdfund special edition omnibuses with gorgeous new covers by T. Thorn Coyle. 

Red and gold covers for Angel Avengement and Angel Apocalypse Hardcovers with Ebooks
What else is awesome?
  • The Soul Forge series has never before been offered in paperback and hardcover omnibus editions
  • Angel Avengement (Books 1-3) comes in at 532 pages, and Angel Apocalypse (Books 4-6) weighs in at 664 pages—1,196 pages of juicy story!
  • Gorgeous case laminate hardbacks will not be offered for sale anywhere else. They are Kickstarter exclusives and this is your only chance to own one!
  • Exclusive bookplates printed directly into all books
  • Beautiful duplex covers—Paperbacks only
  • Vellum inserts for the signed hardback tiers (and digital wallpaper for all backers pledging $5 and up)
Mockup of duplex interior paperback cover with golden angel wing and angel feather bookplate
Photo of vellum insert - Night Sanchez's face with the words "Every Choice is a Second Chance"

These designs are also Kickstarter exclusives. They will not exist in the new omnibus collections once the ebooks and paperbacks finally arrive at retailers.

The Story 

My name is Night Sanchez. Every choice I make is a second chance.

The Order of Assassins trained me to use magic as a weapon. I became a true believer and a killer—until I met the gaze of a 10 year-old target. For her, I betrayed everyone and everything I’d ever known.

Raising that girl on the run and keeping her safe can't wash the blood from my hands. But nothing matters more than protecting her. So when the Order tracks us down, I'm ready to fight.

But it's not just the Order that wants my kid. The Angel of Death needs her. Suddenly, this is so much bigger than us.

I can't fight the forces of Heaven and Hell on my own. Trust comes hard, but I have to lean on those who could become family.

If I let them...

The Kickstarter Campaign

Please check out the campaign and share widely / with anyone you think might enjoy dark urban fantasy filled with hope.
Kickstarter campaign banner for The Soul Forge special edition omnibuses, red and gold books
All my heartfelt gratitude,
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