An October Kickstarter: Witchstarter!

An October Kickstarter: Witchstarter!

New for my favorite month of the year, October: a Kickstarter!

I’ve always wanted to create an omnibus of the three Faery Chronicles novels, Faery Novice, Faery Prophet, and Faery Sovereign. I hope that my October Kickstarter (#Witchstarter) will help that happen.

The main character in Faery Novice is Kevin, a weirdo who wants a normal life more than anything. I have a soft spot for weirdos who want to become normal. Why? Because I am one. Or at least I used to be before I realized that every life choice I made  drove “normal” further and further into the rear view mirror. I never felt like I fit in.

The kid I used to be wondered whether everything would turn out okay and whether they would be all right even if it didn’t. Most of all, that kid wanted to one day find the family of choice where they would fit in.

The Faery Chronicles series is a love letter to that kid—and all the other kids who felt the same.

If you’re interested in checking out the Kickstarter, it launches on Tuesday, October 11th and will be open for 3 weeks only!



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