Collection: Tales of Awakened Magic

Fifteen entertaining urban fantasy stories set in the worlds of the Faery Chronicles and Soul Forge series. 


Malek, the serpent from the Garden of Eden itself, will do anything to be left alone, but humans keep tempting him to join their world. When someone he loves steals his potent and dangerous blood, they hope for healing but risk a terrible death. Can Malek save them from himself?

* * *

Sassy high-school senior Beth is a trouble magnet. When she spots an unusual object in the house of a god, she needs to know more about it, and delves too deep. With the murderous god hot on her heels, she asks for help from the only person with a hope in hell of saving her bacon. But Malek doesn't help anyone for free. Will she be brave enough to live through the fight--and to pay the price?  

* * *

Stacy works hard to be the oddball witch she wants to see in the world. Everyone at school knows. So do all the unique denizens of the magical underground. An actual faery princess popping into her life? Not surprising. A faery princess on the run, cursed with amnesia, and destined to destroy the entire Faery realm? Books and solitary practice can only teach a girl so much. The clock is ticking, and helping this princess requires special magic. Malek's magic. Can he and Stacy save the princess, her memory, and the realm in time?  


Delve into the mysteries of the heart. Imagine the triumph of hope. Embrace a second chance. Join these bold heroes (and anti-heroes) of the human world and the Faery underground…

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